Our Purposes

Purposes of Dayspring Theological University

Our purpose is that the graduate:

    • May communicate the Word of God to others, with the intention of winning them for Christ.
    • Demonstrate a genuine interest for missionary work, and a global vision for evangelism.
    • Demonstrate a genuine interest for rehabilitation centers, hospitals, prisons, volunteer work, and teaching or prayer groups.
    • Demonstrate spiritual maturity in his/her commitment for Christ and to the Church.
    • Demonstrate the traits of a servant leader in all areas of ministry, till perfection, knowing that Christ is interested in perfecting Himself in our weaknesses.
    • Display love, loyalty, and responsibility to the local Church while performing God’s calling in their lives to transform the 21st Century Society.
    • Know how to apply the acquired knowledge for progress, while exhibiting wisdom, and continuously seeking instruction.
    • Pursue a daily biblical study and unceasing investigation of the word of God as a restless learner.
    • Must have a daily awakening of personal moral values in order to represent the Kingdom of God here on earth.
    • Recognize the Lord’s voice speaking on a personal level, and to his/her generation; and elaborate strategic planning to follow God’s instructions.
    • Understand that we are living the end of times, which is to the graduate’s advantage; a double portion of power, anointing, and fire from heaven is being revealed to this generation in order to fulfill God’s plan.
    • With this in mind, Students register at Dayspring Theological University in accordance with our Philosophy, and Codes of Conduct established by Dayspring Theological University.